Pixelcat Productions SDKs

Thanks for looking into developing with Pixelcat Productions APIs! These SDKs make everything easy for you. Scroll down to read more about our SDKs

Easy To Use

Our SDKs are easy to use and almost look like pseudo code (Pseudo Code that works!)

Latest Technology

Our SDKs use the latest technology including chaining and promises in nodejs and PHP is ready for up to 7.3!

Easy To Customize

Is the SDK out of date? No worries, everything is so simple that even without proper knowledge you can customize it.


What you get as a developer


You want new features? Just tell us! We are open to feedback and would like to make your idea, reality.

High Priority Support

Our Customers get high priority support, just in case something fails on our end.

Clean Codes

Our codes are simple, clean AND fully functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Look here first, it may solve it already before contacting us!

Is Everything free?

Yes our services and SDKs are free to use, even commercially. However if you are running a big company, contact us beforehand so we can disable rate limit and enable some extra features for you!

Can you make a SDK in XXX?

Maybe. If you need a SDK in a specific language, contact us. It is possible that one of our Developers can write a wrapper for this language.


PHP SDK with no dependencies whatsoever.